About Us

A-Ok English Education is an avant-garde organization specializing in group language lessons, events, and overseas cultural exchange through our affiliate, Hansa College Canada. We provide uniquely motivating, creative, and stress free lessons designed for the next generation of globally interconnected individuals. We are the freshest, most exciting new community of intelligent and passionate people determined to advance second language learning in Japan and beyond. This is a school like no other. Welcome to A-Ok.

A-Ok Philosophy

  1. Language learning means much more than learning a language
    Language learning is about cultural relations. It is about eliminating stereotypes and opening your mind. It is the tool you will use to build character, aspire to higher ideals, and attain a deeper understanding of the world and people around you.
  2. Education is not a business
    Education should not be commodified. Teachers and students are not products. Language learning is not about profit. It is about helping students think and communicate independently. Our students graduate and move on. There is no ‘treadmill’ system to keep you coming back and spending more money. Customer service is a terrific bonus, but will not help you learn English. Rather, it will disguise your weaknesses and lull you into a false sense of security by adapting the language to you rather than helping you adapt to the new language.
  3. Teachers are students
    And students are teachers. They have experience to share, information to exchange, and ideas worth considering. We do not restrict free and creative communication between people by imposing strict codes of conduct. Our teachers do not act like teachers. They are teachers. This allows the student to see the teacher as a human being rather than an authority figure. A richer, more meaningful bond can be developed in this way. The mutual trust and respect between the teacher and student is the cornerstone of motivation and effective, stress free learning.
  4. Curriculum is a living thing
    Curriculum is not ‘one size fits all’ and class content is a dialogue which is negotiated constantly between the student and teacher. It is a unique, creative, and daily creation.
  5. Language proficiency tests are a means to an end, not the end goal
    Standardized tests such as TOEIC and IELTS serve as markers for level and ability, but motivate us only in the short term. In many cases, the language acquired for the test is not used afterwards. Teachers often teach to the test, focusing on strategies to get a higher score, rather than the English skills themselves. Test-taking is an individual experience; communication is not.
  6. Communication is the key
    Learning a second language is the key to global citizenship. It helps promote tolerance and reciprocity. It unlocks a world of potential ideas, and a flourish of human spirit, imagination, and problem solving. It closes the gap between cultural differences while celebrating their uniqueness and historical development. Honest and open communication is our path forward.

A-Ok Mission

Reconnecting language lessons with education, not commodification, empowering students and teachers to work in close collaboration without strict hierarchical controls. We provide intuitively designed, student sourced content which is meaningful and dynamic without compromise. Our mission is to cultivate a vanguard of intelligent, critical thinking individuals with an expanded worldview engaging with the global community while encouraging them to explore new definitions of success, achievement and interaction.

A-Ok Vision

Our school will be the driving force behind revolutionary changes in the Eikaiwa system, by introducing a new set of values not driven by profit but by educational merit. We will use education as the principal tool to help build a world of harmony, tolerance and reciprocity, paving the way to entirely new ways of living and engaging with one another while resolving some of our biggest global challenges.

Riki – Koriyama
Developed from a true beginner to a score of 89 on the TOEFL iBT in less than a year of study with A-Ok.
“Make up your mind and never give up!”

Yurika – Saitama
Will travel and communicate with her international friends.

Chin Yueh – Kao Shung, Taiwan
Is learning Business English for his career.
“All life is performance!”
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